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Panel-Loc Plus™

Panel-Loc Plus™ offers steel protection with an appealing aesthetic for residential, agricultural, and light commercial projects. Its enhanced rib design, featuring an additional striation, ensures exceptional durability and leak resistance. Panel-Loc Plus™ comes in three quality options: Standard, Prime, and Ultra.


Horizon-Loc™ provides an aesthetically pleasing roof solution with concealed fasteners, delivering the advantages of a standing seam roof at a more cost-effective price point. Its innovative snap-together system allows for swift installation, reducing labor costs compared to traditional standing seam panels. This option is highly suitable for residential roofing and light commercial projects when installed over solid decking, and its exceptional durability ratings could potentially lead to reduced insurance rates, saving you money in the long run.


The M-Loc™ panel shares its gauge, strength, and weather-resistant properties with our R-Loc™ panel. However, it features a rib style that is better suited for smaller trims and structures. This classic commercial panel has a proven track record of providing lasting durability in various commercial applications, serving customers reliably over the years.

Central Snap™

Central Snap® features a contemporary 1 3/4″ high snap-lock joint, making it a perfect choice for residential, light commercial, and architectural uses. Available in overall coverage widths of 16″ or 18″, it provides an architecturally attractive appearance when installed over solid decking.


This exposed fastener panel, featuring a low-rib design, is one of the longstanding metal roofing profiles available in the market. The 5V™ panel boasts a timeless look, making it particularly well-liked in coastal regions, and is offered in both bare galvanized and Galvalume® options.


Frequently known as the PBR-panel, this 26-gauge sheet is a superb option for projects demanding commercial-grade performance. R-Loc™ is engineered to optimize the efficiency of your structures, particularly the steel frame. Thanks to an additional purlin bearing leg, you can expect simplified installation and an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Central Seam Plus™

Central Seam Plus® represents a classic mechanically seamed profile. This robust panel has successfully undergone UL580 testing for uplift and has met the stringent standards of both air and water infiltration ASTM tests. It incorporates floating clips, accommodating thermal roof expansion and contraction in the face of extreme temperature fluctuations. Additionally, the pre-punched panels, coupled with self-engaging backup plates, streamline the installation process. The panels are also reversible end-for-end, enabling the simultaneous installation of both sides of the roof.


Experience the advantages of a 3″ standing seam panel built to industrial standards, complete with the convenience of a snap-lock joint. Central-Loc® has undergone rigorous UL580 testing for uplift and has successfully met the demanding criteria of both air and water infiltration ASTM tests.

Central Span™

Central Span™ fulfills the criteria for a diverse array of roof slopes, configurations, loads, climate conditions, and associated factors. Numerous architects opt for Central Span™ when specifying metal roofing for their projects.


Our 12″ wide soffit and fascia panel provides versatility in design. Precision-Loc® comes in both solid and vented panel variations, with a choice of a flat finish or a design featuring a single stiffening groove. You have four options: select between solid or vented panels and choose either the flat or grooved version. These panels attach directly to the sub-structure and feature a 12″ width with an interlocking seam. The minimum length for solid panels is 6″, while vented panels have a minimum length requirement of 36″.

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